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Marketing Teams

Equip your team to handle upcoming challenges, get implementation help from another executive whose “been there done that”, and scale without all the marketing headaches. Get customized marketing strategies, marketing audits, help making tough decisions, get quality leads ready to buy, close more deals faster, reduce turnover, and put more profits in your pocket. 

The Scale Faster Process


Get strategically equipped to handle your most pressing Marketing, Sales, & Operational challenges.


Implement your customized marketing strategy and ensure you & the fulfillment team are aligned and maximizing resources.


Grow into new channels, markets, or verticals. Reduce headaches. 10x your revenue.

How Are We Different?

Equip you as a founder to make a strong Senior Marketing Executive hire that continues to grow & scale your company. 


Deliver Custom Growth Strategies & Empower Teams To Execute


Results Matter, No Excuses, Always Give 100%



Meet Henry Hernandez

Marketing since age 16. Professionally since 2005. U.S. Army Special Operations experience, & graduated the Army’s premiere leadership course Ranger School. Built and scaled effective in-house and distributed teams through contractors, vendors, and agencies. Henry has worked on Fortune 500 accounts as well as in SMB markets. Helped generated millions of dollars in revenue. Organically ranked the toughest keywords. 2 domains on the 1st page for “Search Engine Optimization”, and thousands of one phrase to questions based intent searches ranked. Paid campaigns generating 10x, 20x, 30x, and beyond. Digital lead generation in every channel that drives results.


Cassie Brown

Henry has been an invaluable resource for my company. He has helped build us from a very small company to a large network. He is extremely responsive, helpful, and really knows what he’s doing! Plus he’s a good human being, which is the most important part of finding someone you trust

Angelic Parsons

Very informative and very helpful pointing my business in the right direction.

Jordan Rodriguez

Senior Advisor SEO & Internal Search at Dell Technologies 
Henry has a deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes for a website to rank well in all of the major search engines. He is also one of the most honest businessmen I have ever worked with.

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Brands I've Touched

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